Friday, 26 October 2007

Soul Surf / Instant Paintings :: Exhibition by Nuno Moita and Joao Silva at Fabrica Features Lisboa, 06.04.2007-04.05.2007

Soul Surf / Instant Paintings
sonho liquefeito grão de luz matéria firme
equilíbrio fragmentado álgebra instável:
72 polaroids + 8 ampliações + 2 rasterizações
de Nuno Moita e João Silva


Soul Surf / Instant Paintings

72 polaroids + 8 enlargements + 2 rasterizations
by Nuno Moita and João Silva

Monday, 3 September 2007

Polaroid Crackle 07415113426-2

Published on Sonic Scope Quarterly #8, a PDF magazine issue released in the Autumn of 2006.

Sonic Scope Quarterly #10

Spontaneous photocopies made in 2006. Published on Sonic Scope Quarterly #10, a PDF magazine issue released in September of 2007.

Thursday, 23 August 2007

Manuel Mota - “For Your Protection Why Don’t You Just Paint Yourself Real Good Like An Indian"

Cover photo plus 2 more inside the booklet of this CD from Manuel Mota released by Headlights in 2000.

André Gonçalves + Kenneth Kirschner - "Resonant Objects"

Polaroid for cover and inlay of this CD released by Sirr in 2005.

Plan - "Randomizer"

Design and image for a 7" record cover: Plan - "Randomizer", re-distributed by Grain of Sound in 2002.

Wednesday, 22 August 2007

eBooklet for Hinterlandt

Design and images for Hinterlandt´s eBooklet. This is the cover of a 6-page PDF file included in the data partition of the CDR "The Power of D lete", released by Grain of Sound in 2004.